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AnnieB - 25 Mag 2017 - 23:29
Oggetto: looking for baptism record - San Cipirello
Hi everyone,

I would like to find a copy of my great-grandfather's baptismal record. He was born in San Cipirello, province of Palermo, in either May 1885 or May 1886. These records are not available on Family Search, unfortunately. It seems the best way to find this record would be to write to the priest of the parish in San Cipirello, correct? I'm having trouble finding who I should write to. Any suggestions?

Thank you!
piacentino - 25 Mag 2017 - 23:47
You can to write ho:
Indirizzo: P.zza Matrice, 7 , 90040 San Cipirello
Telefono: 091/8572173
ziadani - 26 Mag 2017 - 06:36
L'atto di nascita civile non ti serve?
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AnnieB - 26 Mag 2017 - 16:27
I have the civil birth record already, actually. It's a strange story... my great-grandfather registered his own birth himself at the age of 30 years old, in 1915. He gave his date of birth as May 14, 1885. The weird thing is that on every other vital record document he wrote his birthday as May 10, 1886. So, I am thinking if I find the baptism record I can finally know his true date of birth.
AnnieB - 26 Mag 2017 - 16:47
Also, thank you piacentino for the address!
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