Searching your Ancestors in Italy - Help finding Italian ancestor !

dancurtolo - 01 Giu 2015 - 14:16
Oggetto: Help finding Italian ancestor !
Iīm looking to find more information on my Italian ancestor.

So far I have only his death certificate.

From my family, its know that he was born on Veneto (probably on Verona or Treviso region). He died in Brazil in 1925 when he was 56 years old, therefore he should be borned around 1869 in italy.

His name is Joao (Giovanni) Curtolo, son of Luis (Luigi) Curtolo.

Thatīs all the info I have so far and I am stuck at this point.
Can anyone help me point out which direction should I take ?

pink67 - 01 Giu 2015 - 14:50
Hi Dan welcome to the Forum Very Happy

On the datase of the State Archives of Treviso, about men who didn't turned up to the military conscription records there's a possible record:

ID Renitente: 4264
Numero ordine: 207
Classe di leva: 1869
Cognome: Curtolo
Nome: Giovanni Battista
Nome padre: Lugi
Cognome madre: Lorenzetto
Nome madre: Maria
Anno nascita: 1869
Mese nascita:
Giorno nascita:
Comune nascita: San Polo di Piave
Mandamento nascita: Oderzo
Provincia nascita: Treviso
Comune residenza: Salgareda
Mandamento residenza: Oderzo
Provincia residenza: Treviso
Numero estrazione: 671
Anno arruolamento: 1889
Mese arruolamento: 05
Giorno arruolamento: 24
Istituto conservazione: ASTV
Fondo archivistico: Archivio storico comunale
Serie: Leva
Sottoserie: Lista generale dei renitenti
Unitā archivistica: 4446

Do you know his mother's maiden name?
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dancurtolo - 01 Giu 2015 - 15:18
Hello Laura

First of all, thank you for your help!

I come up with that database before, but I have no details on his mother name to prove that he is the one Iīm looking for (Hopefully he is).

As he got married around 21 years old in Brazil, we suppose that he went to Brazil in his middle 20 years old (or a bit before that), which consists with the date of this military call (1889), so as he just went to Brazil by that time he could not have turned up when the army called him.

Does the above assumption sounds correct?

I will try to find more details with the old family relatives that I know, maybe they have some more info about him, hopefully he is the one Iīm looking for.

Danilo Curtolo
pink67 - 01 Giu 2015 - 15:26
You're welcome Danilo Very Happy

I would advice you to ask for his marriage documents in Brazil, I'm sure that he stated his mother's maiden name at the time of his marriage, so you will be able to confirm or not the above record. I'm pretty positive it's the right one ..

Did his father emigrate too?

dancurtolo - 01 Giu 2015 - 17:30
I truly hope so that he is the one, Iīll keep looking for his marriage documents. Itīs not so easy because at that time people used to get married only on churchs and not register at the official place in city.

therefore I will search it in the surrounding Churchs near my town.

as far as I know from what some old relatives told me, he came alone with his wife/girlfriend (she was from Verona). and there is no indication that his father went to Brazil also.

Once again thanks for your help Laura.

As soon as I get a more precise genealogy line, I will update it on here, as maybe some distant relatives of mine also want to know their History. Wink
dgionco - 01 Giu 2015 - 21:30
Here (34) you avec the baptism of Giovanni Battista Curtolo.
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He was son of Luigi of Giovanni Curtolo and of Maria of Luigi Lorenzetto.

He was born the 26.04.1869 at 5 PM.
pink67 - 01 Giu 2015 - 22:14
Danilo, I have the confirmation that the person is correct!

I found the emigration record for all the family of Giovanni Battista Curtolo. He was listed in the records of "Matriculas dos Immigrantes entrados no Alojamėento Provincial de Imigracao em Sao Paulo" The family was:

Curtolo Giovanni, age 74, head of the family
" " Angela, his wife, age 70

Curtolo Luigi, son, age 42, married
Lorenzetti Maria, daughter in law, age 39 and their children:

Gio Batta (short for Giovanni Battista Exclamation ) age 18
Pietro, age 17
Eugenio, age 13
Arturo, age 11
Giuseppe, age 9
Napoleone, age 4
Gallileo age 2
Remilio age 5

Curtolo Costantino, son , age 29
Martin Maria, daughter in law, age 20

image here:
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and here:
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pink67 - 02 Giu 2015 - 09:55
On the Familysearch.org website you can find a few databases (not complete) about Civil registrations in San Polo di Piave:
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dancurtolo - 03 Giu 2015 - 20:19

Thanks a lot Laura and Dgionco !!
You are amazing !!

I'll do the further steps and try to link all this information with the ones I have.
As soon as I finish it, I will update it here so others can also use it Smile

Thanks a lot, really!
pink67 - 03 Giu 2015 - 22:15
I'm happy I was able to help you!

fnicknich - 04 Set 2015 - 21:50
Hi Dan.
There is this list of emigration also, you can check the birthdays of almost everybody:
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volpin - 14 Gen 2016 - 04:34
Hi Danilo, Laura, Fernando

I have a very similar request and I have been reading this thread with great interest.

Danilo, I am happy you found your ancestors!
Laura, Fernando it's amazing the information you can retrieve.

Anyway, I am so excited I will now post my query in a new post/thread.

G. Volpin
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