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RPla15 - 08 Dic 2015 - 22:11
Oggetto: Ricerca antenati Schenone

My name is Rita Plá and I am new in the forum. Although I can understand Italian, I am not able to write it, so this message is in English. I have french, spanish and italian ancestors and I am currently working on the italian branch of the family tree.

My greatgrandfather Luigi Tiburzio Schenone was born in Lumarzo (GE) on April 12, 1855 and he emigrated to Argentina around 1870. Through the website Antenati, I found his baptism record as well as those of her sisters and data on his parents and grandparents. The records of Santa Maria Maddalena di Lumarzo included in Antenati are not complete. Do you know if it is possible to consult other records on line at any other web site? I have written to the parish priest but got no answer yet.
Grazie mille
ery1 - 08 Dic 2015 - 23:57
Hi and welcome to this forum! Smile

You can find other records of Lumarzo here on FamilySearch website, but not prior to 1866:
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Online there is no other, so I suggest you to contact the priest of Santa Maria Maddalena Church again:
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RPla15 - 09 Dic 2015 - 02:09
Erica, thanks a lot for your message.

Unfortunately, FamilySearch is no help because I am looking for 1813 and 1782 baptism records. I have also written to the Comune. I will wait for a few more days and if necessary, will try again with the priest of Sta. Maria Maddalena.

Best regards,

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