Ancestors of Epifanio P Giallombardo

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Ancestors of Epifanio P Giallombardo

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Hello Everyone,

I once again come to the gracious volunteers of this website in hopes someone can help me research a possible ancestor.

In a previous topic “Ancestors of Calogero Arico”, Tonia discovered a document that showed Leonarda Giallombardo (birth 1763) was one of Calogero Arico's ancestors:
Death certificate Di Francesco Francesco, son of Ciro Francesco and Leonarda Giallombardo , husband of Rosolia Sapienza. ... ewsIndex=0

What I am now trying to determine is whether Leonarda Giallombardo is also an ancestor of Epifanio P Giallombardo. This is what I know about Epifanio:

Name: Epifanio P Giallombardo
Date of birth: January 1869
Place of birth: Montemaggiore Belsito, Sicily
Father’s Name: Giuseppe Giallombardo
Year of Immigration to America: 1897

Thank you for your assistance

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Re: Ancestors of Epifanio P Giallombardo

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Hi Carico,
this is Epifanio's birth act (no. 4) from FamilySeach : ... cat=469797

Name : Giuseppe Epifanio Giallombardo
Birth : Montemaggiore Belsito, born in a house located in Strada Militello, on January 6th 1867
Father : Giuseppe Giallombardo, 35 yo, son of Andrea
Mother : Angela Saletta, daughter of Giovanni.


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